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About us

Raadha Kalpa, is supported by and housed in the LshVa Art Space. Founded by Rukmini in 2009, Raadha Kalpa Dance Company is a classical Indian Bharatanatyam dance company dedicated to the promotion of art and culture through performance, teaching, artistic collaboration and experimentation. The company uses Bharatanatyam, as the primary vocabulary of movement with the extensive use of Karanas, the ancient dance technique of India as prescribed by the Natyashastra. The company is committed to maintaining the aesthetic clarity of the Bharatanatyam vocabulary while pushing boundaries in choreography and theatrical context.
Raadha Kalpa’s productions Nayani & Prabhavati have toured the United States and Middle East successfully, and have also been presented in India. Rukmini Vijayakumar is the Artistic Director, choreographer of the company.