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Raadha Kalpa offers a streaming, on demand training program for Bharatanatyam. The program offers strength and conditioning, dance technique and repertoire. It will help the student progress in Bharatanatyam. They will see visible changes in their dancing. Their stamina, physical alignment, strength, and understanding of theory in Bharatanatyam will grow if they are disciplined in following the program. They will also gain depth and understanding in the material and structure of Bharatanatyam choreography. There will be videos published every month to ensure the progress of the serious student.



The choreography certificate is offered to intermediate-advanced practitioners of Bharatanatyam who want to learn to create in the form. The months of creative investigation is primarily for aspiring professionals, teachers and dancers to prepare them to understand the nuances within the Bharatanatyam vocabulary. The students will learn the basics of creative research and application from the Raadha Kalpa Method, and understand the depth of possibilities within the Bharatanatyam Vocabulary

Adult Bharatanatyam classes

The Adult Bharatanatyam classes by Raadha Kalpa are currently taught through a combination of live online classes and self-study. Aimed at the Intermediate-Advanced student, the classes will interact with Rukmini on an ongoing basis, imparting ideas of movement, safe training methods, Abhinaya, Theory, Natyashastra, amongst other aspects of Bharatanatyam. The classes will analyse movement patterns in Adavus while also working on Repertoire.

The class will attempt to help the dancer become aware of muscular alignment, to prevent injury and increase efficiency of movement, enable clarity of movement, find layering in Abhinaya, and discover creative motivation for dance. These classes are largely for serious and committed adults and aspiring professionals (Children above 13 yrs are also eligible to apply). 

The classes require a minimum commitment of 4 months. Though it is an ongoing course, varied concepts will be dealt with every 4 months. (It is recommended to also do the online streaming program of The Raadha Kalpa Method alongside, but is not compulsory.)

Class timings

7-10 pm IST (Friday/Saturday/Sunday primarily, extra days and schedule will be given every two weeks)

Total number of hours

45 hours


4 months (Dec 15th 2020 – April 15th 2021) 

Last date for application

Dec 8th, 2020


Rs 20,000/- (Indian citizens residing in India)

USD $1000/- (Indians residing abroad, and all foreign nationals)

Professional Training Programs


This class is a product of many years of research in pedagogy and movement by Rukmini. Devised as a long term program, admission to this program is limited to a select number of students. Accepting children between the ages of 4-7 yrs, it trains them to become skilled Bharatanatyam dancers with a strong base in Bharatanatyam, Karanas, Tala and Natyashastra. The program expands their movement vocabulary making their bodies available to varied movement disciplines, while introducing the basics of ballet and different contemporary forms. The students are enabled to embody various movement dynamics as well as develop strength and flexibility, while developing a personal awareness of the functioning of their bodies. Children develop their creative abilities alongside skill and technique.

Though admissions for this course are now closed, if your child is exceptionally inclined to dance, you can audition him/her for the program, by writing to us. 


CDIP (The Classical Dance Immersive Program)​

This program is supported by the LshVa Trust and aims to help provide aid for education for dedicated, talented young dancers who are training full time. CDIP started in February of 2017 with one student training in Indian Classical dance (Bharatanatyam). Through this program, with the support of Raadhakalpa Dance Company, LshVa trust was providing free education in Bharatanatyam for 6 deserving students who were training to become professional dancers for a period of two and a half years. Education and training in the supporting arts are also provided alongside mainstream Bharatanatyam classes. The program has changed due to the pandemic. Aspiring professional, dancers interested in this mentorship program will be accepted on a case by case basis, based on previous interactions in classes/workshops/performances. Students accepted into this program will be on a full scholarship and have access to a number of classes and workshops from Raadha Kalpa, and be mentored by Rukmini.