Raadha Kalpa production


“Prabhavati” is a classical dance theater production, by Raadha Kalpa dance company. The story is adapted from the 16th century telugu novel, “Prabhavati Pradyumnam” by Pingali Suranna.

Script, Choreography, Direction, Costumes
Rukmini Vijayakumar

Tirumale Srinivas

Shataavadani Dr. R Ganesh

90 min

The love story of Prabhavati and Pradyumna is told, using Bharatanatyam and Indian classical dance theater.

Prabhavati, like her name suggested, had luminous beauty. Born to the powerful asura, Vajranabha, she grew up amidst the asuras. But Prabhavati was different from her clan. She didn’t approve of asuraic ways and had a kind heart. When the time came for her to find a suitor, she turned down all that came to her.

One night, in her dream, Parvati devi appears and hands her a picture of a man, and foretells her marriage to the man in the painting. When Prabhavati awakes and finds the scroll next to her, she is confused as to whether the Devi really appeared or if it was just a dream. She falls in love with the beautiful painting of the handsome man depicted in the scroll, without ever seeing him. 

Prabhavati’s father, Vajranabha, through immense penance obtains a boon from Brahma that makes his city impenetrable. His grows drunk with power and attacks Indra the king of the Gods. Indra seeks Krishna’s help to overthrow Vajranabha, and Krishna comes up with a witty plan.

Pradyumna the son of Krishna had grown strong and valorous and was a handsome prince. Prabhavati on the other hand was destined to marry Pradyumna. They just had to be joined together, and the defeat of Vajranabha would be inevitable at the hands of Pradyumna. So Krishna and Indra conspire to send the celestial geese, led by the witty Suchimukhi into Vajrapuri, the kingdom of Vajranabha, to facilitate this plan.

The Story unfolds to tell how this union happened and the tale of the victory of Pradyumna over the evil Vajranabha.

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