Press – Raadha Kalpa


Press Quotes

“….Well knitted Jathis and precise Nritta and Nritya brought grandeur to the Varnam….”

- Mysore V Subramanya, Bangalore, Deccan Herald

“Rukmini traversed the length and breadth of the stage maintaining fine lines along with her sound nritta”

- Archana Nathan, Chennai, The Hindu

“The dance performance left the Rotarians spellbound. The dancers took them on a journey with the story of Prabhavati and Pradyumna”

- The Rotarian, Bangalore

“It was a splendid performance that kept the audience spellbound”

- The Hindu

“Rukmini and her team, with their alluring expressions, engaged the audience in rapt attention. The depiction was a treat for the eyes”

Deccan Herald

The Magic of Shiva

“Some of the sequences were outstanding…… The choreography was crisp all through and a few sequences got well deserved standing ovations”

DNA, Bangalore (Nayani review)

“….An enchanting performance. The angalakshanas in nritta, nrutya and natya were well coordinated with angikabhinaya. The agility of the rechakas were an artistry of coherence.”

The Hindu, Bangalore

"....The expressive agnikabhinaya and fine finish in stanaka postures in tune with rhythmical

sanchari were appreciable....."

The Hindu

“....The RaadhaKalpa Dance Company has always been known for its young and energetic performances, often always prepared liberally with a fresh and dynamic take on the classical dance forms, elevated to a modern art that is equally appreciated by all age groups, savant or otherwise. “ The Hindu, Bangalore

Vigor and elegance combined

Elegant in muted shades of grey and gold, Rukmini Vijayakumar displayed the same sense of aesthetics in her Bharatanatyam performance for Bharat Kalachar. Her style is like a supremely crafted piece of work, where every angle, tilt of the head, or eye movement represents a chiseled moment of poetry. The effect was dynamic.

The Hindu, August 26th 2005

Rukmini Weaves Magic

“Rukmini Vijayakumar stepped gracefully onto the 2006 dance festival at Khajuraho and held the audience spellbound for an hour at the end of which they went into raptures…..She was the youngest solo performer this year…….she creatively wove intricate poses of Kali with powerful nritta and performed the piece with grace and ease……each piece was carefully chosen and creatively choreographed to transport the audience into the other realm….Tears streaming down her face, Rukmini’s surrender to lord Shiva at the end was especially touching. The Ashtapadi in Madhuvanti was her masterpiece…. each of the characters came across crystal clear… her interpretation, innovative and original……each teermana was perfectly executed to tala….Rukmini is a young and extraordinarily talented dancer, one to watch out for in the dance scene in the future…”

Bangalore Bias, March 17th 2006

Melange of Emotions

“….. Rukmini and her team with their alluring expressions engaged the audience with

rapt attention. The depiction was a treat for the eyes. It represent of Radha dedicates

herself to Krishna soulfully”

“ The Bharatanatyam ensemble presented Rukmini and Parshwanath illustrated the

beauty of Radha through vigorous and graceful moves and represented a mélange of

emotions that flows through the heart of Radha for Krishna…”

“ Trouvaille, (a modern dance piece) based of French poetry, expressed several facets

of emotion, leaving the viewer with complete reverence for the piece. The underlying

theme of self discovery was depicted in a beautiful blend of actions, dance and facial


- Deccan Herald, Metrolife, November 12th 2010, Bangalore

Scripting a courageous tale

“In Richard Shannon’s play, ‘The Lady of Burma’, Rukmini Vijayakumar gave a fitting tribute to one of the greatest heroes of democracy, Aung San Suu Kyi, with her hard hitting performance…..It was a delight to watch and left audiences contemplative…..The one-actor performance was a soul stirring narrative on Suu Kyi’s memories…..a tragic narration that left many in the audience somber…..”

Deccan Herald, April 2nd 2011. Bangalore

Stark and Simple

“ ….Directed by Prakash Belawadi and starring dancer Rukmini Vijayakumar in a solo role, the play was well attended…..Vijayakumar is a fine actor and a powerful dancer. Her sharp features and her wonderful eloquence brought great elegance to her acting….Vijayakumar in her role as Suu Kyi brings a great deal of honesty and humanity to performance

The Hindu, April 4th 2011, Bangalore