Raadha kalpa production


Choreo, Script, Direction: Rukmini Vijayakumar

Music: Tirumale Srinivas

Story: Vijayalakshmi V

Sanskrit Lyrics: Shankar Rajaraman

Duration: 75 min

Many years ago, when the Gods still roamed the earth, and humans had a direct connect to the makers of the universe, they called upon Shiva to save them from the wrath of Tripurasura. Shiva took the form of a powerful archer and destroyed the floating kingdom of Tripurasura with one arrow of his bow. As the kingdom went up in flames, and ashes came to rest, Shiva smeared the ashes upon his body. Some of the ash found its way to the earth. Wherever the ash touched mother earth, a lingam arose. The forests of Amarkantak became home to many such Shiva lingas. 

Many years later, the Gods ceased to traverse the earth as freely. The forests became extremely dense and the Shiva lingas were forgotten. The story of the destruction of Tripurasura was remembered only as a myth.

A peaceful tribe came to live in the forests. They killed the animals in the forest for food, and lived harmoniously, making the forest their home. One day the tribal chief found an abandoned child in the forest and took her home to bring her up as his own. She was strange in many ways, but the tribe attributed it to the fact that she was adopted. As time passed Nayani began to hear and see things that the others did not understand. She heard the sound of the “Aum” in the wind, in the water. She began offering flowers to an oddly shaped rock in the ground. She would wander off with her own thoughts for many hours. And she asked peculiar questions. Finally her parents think that she has become more of a nuisance and decide to punish her. Will the tribe finally understand that she was in her search for Shiva? Will they make her leave Him forever?

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