Musicians: Vocalist: Raghuram, Mridangam: Vinod Shyam and Flute: Mahesh

The reality of the world we live in is in question as it seems to dissolve completely when we are in the state of a dream. In deep sleep, both the dream world as well as the world of our apparent reality, cease to exist. All these worlds are completely real when we are in them. Logically, our real world and our dream world are as “real” as one another. Our ‘Consciousness’, our state of “Turiya” is separate from the states of waking, dream and deep sleep. It exists in all the states, separate from all of them, unaffected alongside the varying realities that we create. Turiya our only reality, our only unchanging unaffected constant state. The piece explores all our realities and how we are affected by them through our lives. “Turiya” is  Choreographed in the Bharatanatyam vocabulary and has an experimental contemporary approach to addressing the content.