Talattu addresses two very strong bonds of love that we share in our lives. The bond between a mother and child and the bond with a lover. The two bonds are very different and we are seen differently by these two very important people in our lives.Talattu, takes the examples of Yashoda and Radha and their love for krishna. It traces their personal journeys of joys and sorrows and how they deal with Krishna’s departure in very different ways


Parents give up a part of themselves from the time a child is born. Both men and women take on the joys, sorrows, victories and defeats of their children as their own. The role of a parent is immense in the growth of a child and the emotional attachment that parents have to their offspring is incomparable. This relationship of caregiver and child is immortalised as Yashoda and Krishna in Indian mythology.



Their relationship is nuanced with the complexity of Yashoda being Krishna’s adoptive parent. Yashoda’s sense of ownership is questioned when she realises that Krishna is not her own son. Talattu, addresses the complexity of this relationship and the love that permeates through this confusion.



The relationship of romantic love is immortalised in the form of Radha and Krishna. Krishna leaves Vrindavan, and Radha knows that he must leave. She also knows that she will never love another again. Their love will remain forever and no matter where he goes, he will always remain with her.

The second relationship that Is explored in Talattu is that of a lover. The bond of love is the strongest bond that one shares in life. The romantic relationship offers comfort, and togetherness. The ability to sacrifice for another within this relationship is paralleled with the idea of spiritual surrender.

When Krishna leaves, he is only a child to Yashoda, and to Radha he is her pillar of strength.

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The first piece of Talattu , is a lullaby through which the sacrifices of a parent are exemplified. The second piece is in the format of a Varnam. Yashoda finds out that Krishna is not her son and that he is going to be taken away. The Varnam shows the last day that Yashoda and Krishna spend together. The last piece of Talattu is an interpretation of the relationship that Yashoda shares with Krishna even after many years have passed.

Talattu will end with a Tillana in adoration of Lord Krishna.